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Atomic and mass spectroscopy laboratories

  • SPECTRO VISION EOP inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer
  • ICP-MS PERKIN-ELMER inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
  • UNICAM 969 atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization
  • UNICAM 989 QZ atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermal atomization HR
  • ContrAA 800D atomic absorption spectrometer
  • AMA 254 atomic absorption spectrometer
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Supermini 200 RIGAKU (solid, bulk, and liquid samples)
  • Energy dispersive fluorescence spectrometer SPECTRO XEPOS

Laboratory of UV-VIS spectrometry

  • SPECORD 50Plus spectrophotometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer CINTRA 303
  • Multi N/C series Reliable TOC-/TNb analysis
  • Analyzer for determination of TC, TOC, DOC, and TNb MULTI N / C 3100

Laboratory of Organic Chemistry

  • Agilent Technologies 6890N gas chromatographs with flame ionization (FID) and thermal conductivity (TCD) detectors
  • Agilent Technologies 7890MS gas chromatographs
  • Thermo MS/MS gas chromatographs with MS/MS TSQ Quantum XLS detectors
  • 5890 Serie II gas chromatographs with FID and ECD detectors
  • WATERS Liquid chromatographs with DAD, FD, and UV detectors
  • HPLC WATERS – UPLC with DAD and FD detectors
  • WATERS ion-exchange chromatograph
  • Dionex ICS 5000 ion-exchange chromatography
  • TD4 thermal desorption, conditioning unit, Purge&Trap
  • SGE pyrojector
  • Supercritical Spe-ed SFE fluid extractor. Applied Separation – Six Position
  • Pressure Extractor. Extraction Speed Extractor BUCHI E916 – Six Position
  • AcceCLEAN Robotic Solid Sorbent Extraction System
  • IKA 6000 calorimeter
  • AOD 1 Digestion system