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Mobility of joint doctoral studies in the field of ellipsometry of advanced nanostructures
This mobility project is complementary to the Institutional cooperation project EHP-CZ-ICP-1-013 'Joint supervision of doctoral study by VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and Norwegian University', which has established the collaboration between Czech and Norwegian university NTNU, and has contributed to create a general frame for the joint supervision of doctoral studies. The existing institutional cooperation project has prepared educational materials, modernized and innovated the curricula, developed joint doctoral courses, and enhanced joint research in the field of Nanotechnology. The main objective of the proposed mobility project is realization of long-term stays of joint doctoral students supervised by both universities VSB-TUO and NTNU. The long-term mobility enables to fund the stages of joint studies realized in the foreign country (two 6-months stays in Norway for Czech doctoral students and two 6-months stays in Czech for Norwegian students). The project is focus on the highest level of university education - the doctoral studies, which is the most important for a future development of a modern country. In the regime of the international joint supervision, a doctoral student carries out the long-term practical stays at the foreign university, his/her study is supervised by professors from both institutions, and finally the student will defend the dissertation thesis under a joint international jury, and will receive doctoral degree from both universities. In formal way the procedure will be covered by the Czech-Norwegian international contract between VSB-TUO and NTNU. In addition, we plan two short reciprocal visits of university teachers and researchers in foreign university.
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