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Research activities

  • Development and optimizing of chemical, structure, and phase analyses methods for testing of friction composites and evaluation of wear materials,
  • Development of testing approaches for assessment of mechanical properties 
  • Investigation of environmental impact of wear particles released during braking,
  • Development and optimization of XRF method for elemental analysis of natural and modified silicates,
  • Development and optimization of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray microanalysis for characterization of silicates.

Basic equipment

  • Energy dispersive fluorescence spectrometer SPECTRO XEPOS
  • Gas fusion machine FLUXANA for preparation of borate pearls for XRF
  • Brake dynamometer LINK M2800
  • Device for sampling treatment (Jaw crusher, Planetary ball mill, Device for cryomilling in liquid nitrogen PEX 68500, Device for sieve analysis Retsch VE 1000, Friction saw, Plate polisher, Device for surface sputtering with metal and carbon POLARON SC 7640)
  • Scanning electron microscope PHILIPS XL-30 with EDAX
  • Multi N/C series Reliable TOC-/TNb analysis

Offered services

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid and liquid samples using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (soils, geological materials, coal, ashes, fly ashes, slags, coal-tars, wastes oils and other solid and liquid wastes),
  • Study of samples surface, surface microanalysis, and distribution analysis of elements on materials surface using SEM with microanalyser,
  • Sampling and emissions measurements at point sources
  • Mechanical adjustment of samples (crushing, milling, homogenization, quartation, sieving)


doc. Ing. Vladimír Tomášek, CSc.
phone: +420 597 321 565