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Research activities

  • Development of novel analytical applications.
  • Study of clay minerals exfoliation.
  • Intercalation of clay minerals and their utilization as sorbents for wastewater treatment.
  • Assessment of nanomaterials’ impact on the environment.

Basic equipment

  • Scanning transmission electron microscope JEOL JSM-7610F Plus with EDS microanalyzer, in-situ AFM with correlation analysis
  • Polaron Emitech SC7640 sputter coater
  • SPECTRO VISION EOP inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer
  • ICP-MS PERKIN-ELMER inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
  • UNICAM 969 atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization
  • UNICAM 989 QZ atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermal atomization HR-
  • ContrAA 800D atomic absorption spectrometer
  • AMA 254 atomic absorption spectrometer
  • MLS ETHOS UP microwave digestion system
  • SPECORD 50Plus spectrophotometer

Offered services

  • Preparation of analytical samples for evaluation of the environmental impact of wastes and potential release of metals into the food chain (e.g., atmospheric and high-pressure extractions using various extraction agents).
  • Low- and high-pressure mineralization of solid and liquid samples.
  • Physical sample adjustment (homogenization, separation, milling).
  • Determination of selected physical-chemical parameters of liquid samples (pH, conductivity, acidity, alkalinity, oxidizability, hardness, etc.).
  • Elemental chemical analysis of solid samples (humidity, sieve analysis, non-soluble fraction, etc.).
  • Qualitative analysis of major and minor elements.
  • Quantitative analysis of major, minor, and trace elements in liquid and solid samples (waters, water extracts, acid extracts, waste materials, ashes, soils, metal-bearing materials based on Fe, selected non-metal alloys).
  • Chemical analysis of fuels (forms of sulphur, ash, etc.).
  • Chemical analysis of construction materials (types of cement, limestones, gypsum, concrete, gravel) per valid regulations.


prof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.
phone: +420 597 321 549